World Cup 2022 at The George And Dragon

Its back! The Qatar World Cup 2022 kicks off on Sunday 20 November and we will be showing NEARLY EVERY GAME LIVE*. That’s right – we’re opening up earlier, ordered extra beer and have organised some super special deals to ensure that you stay hydrated and fed during the tournament!

*We aren’t showing the 10am kick offs – we’re not animals!

Sunday 20 November
Qatar v Ecuador16:00Group A
Monday 21 November
England v Iran13:00Group B
Senegal v Netherlands16:00Group A
United States v Wales19:00Group B
Tuesday 22 November
Argentina v Saudi Arabia10:00Group C
Denmark v Tunisia13:00Group D
Mexico v Poland16:00Group C
France v Australia19:00Group D
Wednesday 23 November
Morocco v Croatia10:00Group F
Germany v Japan13:00Group E
Spain v Costa Rica16:00Group E
Belgium v Canada19:00Group F
Thursday 24 November
Switzerland v Cameroon10:00Group G
Uruguay v South Korea13:00Group H
Portugal v Ghana16:00Group H
Brazil v Serbia19:00Group G
Friday 25 November
Wales v Iran10:00Group B
Qatar v Senegal13:00Group A
Netherlands v Ecuador16:00Group A
England v United States19:00Group B
Saturday 26 November
Tunisia v Australia10:00Group D
Poland v Saudi Arabia13:00Group C
France v Denmark16:00Group D
Argentina v Mexico19:00Group C
Sunday 27 November
Japan v Costa Rica10:00Group E
Belgium v Morocco13:00Group F
Croatia v Canada16:00Group F
Spain v Germany19:00Group E
Monday 28 November
Cameroon v Serbia10:00Group G
South Korea v Ghana13:00Group H
Brazil v Switzerland16:00Group G
Portugal v Uruguay19:00Group H
Tuesday 29 November
Netherlands v Qatar15:00Group A
Ecuador v Sengal15:00Group A
Wales v England19:00Group B
Iran v USA19:00Group B
Wednesday 30 November
Australia v Denmark15:00Group D
Tunisia v France15:00Group D
Poland v Argentina19:00Group C
Saudi Arabia v Mexico19:00Group C
Thursday 1 December
Croatia v Belgium15:00Group F
Canada v Morocco15:00Group F
Japan v Spain19:00Group E
Costa Rica v Germany19:00Group E
Friday 2 December
Ghana v Uruguay15:00Group H
South Korea v Portugal15:00Group H
Serbia v Switzerland19:00Group G
Cameroon v Brazil19:00Group G
Saturday 3 December
Netherlands v USA15:00Round of 16
Argentina v Australia19:00Round of 16
Sunday 4 December
France v Poland15:00Round of 16
England v Senegal19:00Round of 16